Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bring home the bacon

I know I haven't been faithful about posting, but the kids are aware of the blog (they googled themselves at school and now feel they are famous). I try to be cognizant of what they do/do not want to share.

But I do have to share this.

David did not always love bacon. In fact, for months, he wouldn't eat it, but one day decided it was delicious and so worth eating. He used some of his birthday money to buy his own packages of bacon. He asked for bacon for Christmas. And got it - twice.

Then, out of the blue today, he said, "it must have been a precious sight to see all those pigs run off the cliff into the Sea of Galilee. At that bacon," he sighed, "wasted."

Last year, Christmas vacation was very difficult. This year, it was so much better. We all knew what to expect :).

Speaking of, here we are, decked out in our Sunday best, for our Christmas dinner. The kids were supposed to eah pick two dishes they wanted. David picked mashed potatoes and little smokies for an appetizer. Roxy picked - are you ready for this?- hot dogs and s'mores. For Christmas. I vetoed the hot dogs and said yes to the s'mores.

This little munchkin is growing so quickly. I love seeing the mutual love between all three of our children.

We had a wonderful time in Ohio the weekend after Christmas, and the kids enjoyed visiting their old friends. Me, too!

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